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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Go to Google.
  2. In upper right corner click Log in. If you are already logged in another account, pick circle representing your account and choose Add another account.
  3. Fill in your login and password. You can find it in registration email.
  4. Choose list of Google apps (square from 9 dots in upper right corner) and find Google Classroom.
  5. Check that you have right account and finish account setting. Now you can see Classroom invitation which you can accept to access Classroom.
  6. Your Classroom will be always accessible from Google Classroom and you use it to access new assignments and submit old ones.
  1. Log in Google Classroom and go to your Classroom.
  2. Pick Classwork in course option.
  3. Pick right round and click on PDF containing assignment.
  4. In upper right corner pick 3 dots and click Open in new tab.
  5. Now you have available all options as Save or  Print.
  1. Log in Google Classroom and pick your assignment in Classwork.
  2. In right column there is “Your Classwork” window and you choose “Add or create”.
  3. Choose your file and upload it..
  4. After uploading mark your classwork as done.
  1. Log in Google Classroom and go to your assignment.
  2. You can see your points under name of assignment and in right column there are private messages.
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